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Finder for Teams


Bachelor Thesis Interaction Design

2019, 5 months 

Survey, Concept Ideation, UI Design, Thesis, Presentation, Video Prototype/Animations 


My Role 





Emily Jaeger, Selina Bauder, Laura Humpfer

Secondary Research, Benchmarking, Jobs-to-be-done, Survey, Interviews, Empathy Map, HMWs, Creative Thinking Workshop, Personas, Use Cases, Wireframes, User Journey Mapping  

Pen & Paper, Sketch, Adobe After Effects






The Problem

As soon as collaborative work is being done on a server, the Finder becomes the connection between the employees. It is especially here that problems often occur in everyday work. These become apparent in the case of faulty naming, overwriting files and complicated communication.


In order to address the issue we designed an add-on for the Finder, which supports collaborative work and makes the daily work routine more efficient.

Since in a company often both systems, MacOS and Windows are used, it is important that our add-on also works cross-system. Therefore the add-on can also be used in the Windows Explorer. 


Several new functions are integrated, such as the user profile. This enables communication within the Finder and Explorer to get faster access to the right file and to interact with each other. The pin and favorites functions allows you to quickly access important files and avoid long searches. To guarantee that the Finder for Teams is as intuitive as possible, all functions have been integrated into the familiar appearance of the Finder. Only through color accents the new functions stand out from the existing ones and also the operating and interaction elements are retained.

My Key Learnings

#Becoming more confident in the design process

#Time and task management is essential in a comprehensive project and teamwork

#Small details can make a great difference in design

#Developed my skills in prototyping and animation


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