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Emoji Design


"Emoji are indispensable for daily communication. They are practical (👍), funny (😆) and sometimes quite bizarre (💩🤪🙀🧟). For us, emoji are much more than colorful images decorating fun short messages. We think they are rather part of an important and exciting development: the return of pictorial symbols to written communication. For the first time in history, it is possible to communicate with a combination of letters and icons. Now it becomes feasible to say things and convey meanings that were previously impossible.

Unfortunately, the creative variety of emoji has been rather limited so far, especially when compared to the incredible number of available fonts. At the moment, there is only a dozen emoji sets, most of them from big tech companies. These emoji are visually adapted to the respective appearance of their software platforms. In addition, the usage rights are often very restrictive (e.g. the terms of use of Apple’s emoji).


That is why we have developed OpenMoji as the first open source and independent emoji system to date. When designing the OpenMoji system, we have developed visual guidelines that are not linked to a specific branding. In addition, our goal was to design emojis that integrate well in combination with text."


With already 3186 emojis, the OpenMoji collection is growing more and more and I am happy to have been part of the core team in the area of designing emojis and generating social media content. We started from 0 and now we are here:





Emoji Design

4th Semester

Prof. Benedikt Groß,

Prof. Daniel Utz

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd


4th Semester Interaction and Communication Design

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