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Invention Design


Serious accidents happen everyday. But it should be mentioned that 5 to 10 percent of the injured persons could survive their accident, if they got first aid in sufficient time.
In our project we wanted to deal with this problem, work out the reasons why people get insufficient help and find a way to improve the current situation.
A research revealed that people are insecure, unsuspecting and helpless when reaching an accident. Beside the fact that victims do not get enough help from the surrounding people another difficulty is that accidents often happen when nobody is around.


Based on this research the main goal was to create a product which can help in any accident situation and customizes its functions.
The final product that has emerged is an multifunctional bracelet which is able to draw attention to an accident, help surrounding people to give First Aid and to create a connection between the victim, the helper who are located at the place of the accident and the first-aid attendant.


XILI alarms pedestrian and establishes a connection between him and the ambulance

XILI gives the victim the opportunity to contact help


Jonas Roßner

Emily Jäger

Rana Cakir

Laura Humpfer

Invention Design

3rd Semester

Prof. Jörg Beck

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

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