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Application Design


This project deals with the redesign of an interactive tablet order system which is used by the all you can eat sushi restaurant "Yuoki" in Stuttgart.

After a comprehensive research, which includes investigating the application, creating personas and creating matching user stories, the next step was to generate a variety of wireframes.


During the analysis we also came to the conclusion, that it would be enjoyable for the visitors to use this application using their own mobile phones. Therefore we developed a order system which enables every visitor to choose between the tablet and the mobile version. 


To enable the visitors more individuality we integrated an "sushi configurator" which makes it possible to create your own sushi.

Additionaly a rating system got integrated to help the visitors with their choice and to help the restaurant to analyse which dishes are the most popular.



Application Design

3rd Semester

Prof. Jürgen Gräf

HfG Schwäbisch Gmünd

Selina Bauder

Emily Jäger

Lisa Schulz

Laura Humpfer

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